1. The core's discomfort AWSER DERF 1:54
  2. Sadness invades me every time you remember me Norma Vik 3:18
  3. It's been way too long Mantis Crème 2:20
  4. Three GID 6:07
  5. Rise Up, Fellow Amputees Monochrome Nausea 0:29
  6. Content and unaware master.wav Gob Of Spit 1:16
  7. Live raw at Acklam village 2019 MAENG DA 7:19
  8. Cendres Serps 3:03
  9. My soul was abandoned in a haze of acrimony Bleached Sunrise 3:55
  10. Low spirits praise Birds in Misery 30:02

This compilation is a fundraiser for Trees for the Future. All sales benefits go to Trees for a Future, so this compilation is not available from our Bandcamp catalogue.
We lose trees at a rate of 50 soccer fields per minute as our food systems destroy our ecosystems. Most of this degradation occurs in the developing tropics of Africa, Latin America, and South and Southeast Asia where hundreds of millions of chronically-hungry, smallholder farming families use destructive and short-sighted agricultural practices that further degrade their communities trees, soil, water and biodiversity, making them even more likely to migrate and more vulnerable to the climate changes that lie ahead.

The Forest Garden Program is a simple, replicable and scalable approach with proven success.  Trees for the future train farmers over a four year period to sustainably revitalize their land. They provide all of the training, seeds, tools, and materials. The farmers come prepared with their own land and ready to change their family’s life. Through our Forest Garden Approach, farmers plant thousands of trees that protect and bring nutrients back to the soil. This helps farmers grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. Forest Garden farmers gain increases in income and food security, even in the first year.

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